Phil Rivers Technology is providing a platform combining biotechnology and information technology to empower medical innovation.

Phil Rivers Technology's world-leading digital twin technology can systematically deliver oncology drug targets, precisely pinpoint applicable indications and accurately predict responders to therapies.

Phil Rivers Technology has many high-value IP, such as new targets, new indications, companion diagnostics and so on. Phil Rivers Technology is committed to building a "digital experiment ground for drugs", breaking through the bottleneck of biochemical technology, improving the efficiency of drug research and development, the success rate of clinical trials and the efficiency of clinical treatment, introducing a new paradigm for pharmaceutical research and development, and escorting human health.

Phil Rivers Technology initiated "computational medicine", taking systems theory as the guiding ideology, dense data-driven as the scientific research paradigm, artificial intelligence as the method, and high-performance computing as the support, undertake the technical research work of the intersection and integration of biomedical science and computational science.

If you're interested in learning more about our company and our technology, please contact us. We'd be happy to discuss the potential benefits and applications of our drug digital testing ground in more detail.