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CAPR2022 | Phil Rivers Invited to Share New Practice of "AI+ Disease"
2022-09-27 17:49:23 Article Source:Phil Rivers Tech

In recent years, the topic of AI drug development has received extensive attention.

The successful application cases and development prospects of AI technologies in other industries have triggered great anticipation in the pharmaceutical industry. Globally, top pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies are enhancing their exploration of AI technology applications in a self-building team or collaborative manner. Hundreds of AI pharmaceutical start-up companies have launched. Cros are incorporating AI technology into the service toolbox. Most large it and AI companies have invaded and laid out the pharmaceutical industry, considering drug R & D related businesses as important pillars for future development.

On September 22-23, 2022, the Chinese AI drug R & D Congress (CAPR) was convened in Shanghai, and 40 + industry experts met together to centrally introduce and discuss the recent progress and next developments in AI drug R & D. Phil Rivers is invited to participate in the conference, with co-founder Zhao Yu as the forum leader and sharing new opportunities that " Ai + Diseases " bring to drug development.