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2nd AI Drug R&D Conference | Phil Rivers’s Digital Testing Ground for Drug Development Makes a Wonderful Appearance
2022-08-15 10:54:00 Article Source:SHENGJIE_Pharma

On August 10-11, 2022, the "Second AI Drug R&D Conference" was successfully held in Shanghai, China. Four special forums were set up in the conference, including "Technology integration and industrial upgrading of AI drug research and development", "Exploring new ways of cooperation between AI and pharmaceutical companies", "Strategies for AI acceleration of innovative drugs", and "AI application scenarios in the pharmaceutical industry". The conference invited many industry experts to make keynote speeches.

Zhao Yu, co-founder of Phil Rivers, was invited to give a   keynote speech on "Digital Laboratory for Drug Research and Development   Based on" Computational Medicine ".


Source: SHENGJIE_Pharma