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PHAIMUS: The rise of computational medicine.
2022-08-04 13:33:03 Article Source:PHAIMUS

From July 7 to 10, 2022, the   7th China Medical Affairs Annual Conference (CMAC) set up a special forum of   "computational medicine" for the first time. The concept of computational   medicine was put forward as early as the 1980s, and the related research on   the application of computing technology in the medical field has been carried   out successively. In 1994, at the first conference on computational medicine,   public health and biotechnology held in Austin, the United States,   computational medicine has emerged as an important frontier research   direction of medicine. In 2012, Raimond L.Winslow, a biomedical engineering   professor at Johns Hopkins University in the United States, pointed out in a   comprehensive article entitled Computational Medicine: Translating Models   to Clinical Care has moved from theory to practice. 

In 2020, Phil Rivers team redefined the   connotation of computational medicine.